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10 to 1 Garden Fun - Lori Gallo

Max is learning many important things while helping his Nana in her beautiful garden. Join in on the fun as Max helps his Nana build her garden under the sun, while also learning valuable common core standards such as 1 to 1 number correspondence and how to count backward from 10 to 1. In addition, Max will learn about all the essential elements, creatures, processes, and work needed to help grow a garden. This is a fantastic and fun way to help children, whether in pre-school or, primary grades learn these important baseline knowledge requirements. It explores the relationship between Max, Papa, and Nana while also exploring the relationship between essential elements to grow a garden.

Lori Gallo is a kindergarten teacher who has passionately taught for over 26 years. She delights in gardening and children, particularly her grandchildren. Lori wrote 10 to 1 Garden Fun to promote, in an engaging way, the Common Core Standard of 1 to 10 Number Correspondence.

Learn more at www.mrslorigallo.com

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The Keeper and the Compass - Katie Baker

The World of the Compass is one of adventure, danger, beauty, and friendship. What story will be next? Who will Jenny and Josh meet? Will they make it home alive?

When a determined but unable sorceress kidnaps their parents and imprisons them in a book, Jenny Fletcher and Josh Park find themselves deep in the world of the Compass- their ticket to unprecedented adventure and finding their families. The compass can take them into any book … but not without risk.

The Sorceress has left them a random note demanding items from fie familiar but dark fairy tales in exchange for information on their loved ones. Jenny and Josh must rely on quirky and capable new friends within the world of the Compass for training and support to survive the fairy tales, to obtain the desired items, and face the Sorceress herself.

As they risk their lives to rescue their families, they struggle with doubt and fear, wondering if they have the courage to finish what they’ve started and avoid death in the process.

Learn more at: www.katiebakerwrites.com


Shackled: Confessions of a Teenage Bank Robber - John Swanger

As a child, poverty and desperation sent John Swanger to live in orphanages and with countless relatives. When he was with his mother, they were constantly on the run, hiding from ex-husbands and irate landlords. At barely sixteen, John was kicked out of his shattered family by stepfather number three, onto the street where survival meant hustling pool and selling drugs. Bad choices bring consequences and by the age of 18, it was time to pay up.

John Swanger tells the riveting story of his years as a teenage boy, eager for the loving father he never had. When he finally finds him, however, the older man turns out to be a bank robber, so John becomes one too. A gripping and dramatic tale of the life of teenage bank robber … and how God miraculously saved him.

Also check out John’s sequel, also produced by Inspira, Unshackled: A Story of Redemption.

Learn more on John’s website: www.johnswanger.org


Becoming Dads: A Mission to Restore Absent Fathers - Marvin Charles and Jamie Bohnett

Most child advocates agree that fatherlessness goes beyond the boundaries of race and socio-economic status—and is the root of almost every social ill faced by children in our society. Children from fatherless homes are more likely to live in poverty, become involved in drugs, alcohol abuse, and crime, drop out of school, and suffer from health and emotional problems. Without any real, lasting intervention, this cycle continues and expands from generation to generation—unless an individual does what it takes to stop it.

Combining heart-wrenching realities with vital statistical information that graphically portrays the problem of fatherlessness in our society, Becoming DADS lays out practical strategies for restoring absentee fathers to their families and helping them develop the skills they need to be engaged and effective dads.

Learn more on Marvin’s website: www.aboutdads.org


Becoming: Loving the Process to Wholeness - Clint Gresham

Clint Gresham is an author, speaker, and Superbowl-winning NFL player (Seattle Seahawks). For most of his life, Clint, like many if not most of us, experienced the world through the lens of outcomes: Academics. Behavior. Sports victories. Career. Relationships. Material success. The underlying message? When the outcomes are good, you are good. When the outcomes are bad, you are bad. Gresham’s dynamic and insightful book, Becoming, unfolds a gripping and inspirational reality check, reminding us all that the point of life is not the destination, but the journey.

Learn more on Clint’s website: www.clintgresham.com

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It Was No Accident: Experiencing the Passion and Purpose of the Cross - John S. Lewis

This 40-day devotional—suitable for Lent or any other time of year—is filled with Scripture readings, sacred art, stirring narratives, heart-moving prayers, and opportunities for private reflection and group discussion. Use it privately in your own personal reflections—or with a group! In its pages, you will see the Passion Story of Jesus through fresh eyes, the eyes of the many different characters who played a role in His life during those crucial last days.

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The Radiant Woman’s Handbook - Joanna Runciman

A radiant woman is peaceful, flexible, and happy.

To enjoy radiant skin and love your body discover why sleep, skin care, and loving your food mattes. Learn how to simplify your beauty regime and life!

Discover how the ‘less is more’ ethos improves your life and resuses your use of synthetic chemicals.

This books shares practical ways to help you:

- Speak powerfully about your life

- Use edible skin care creating radiant skin

- use gratitude and “living now” to turn your life around.

To learn more, visit www.actualorganics.com

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Anchored and Live Anchored: A Bible Study - Katie Robertson

Life is full of “stormy weather” of varying degrees. Katie Robertson has experienced the exhilaration of clear skies and smooth sailing, and the anxiety and terror of high winds and stormy seas—particularly through the loss of her 19-year-old daughter, Karina, to cancer. Through it all, she has learned how to set an anchor firmly in her heart that has kept her from being swept away, emotionally and spiritually.

Katie’s first book, Anchored, is the story of Karina’s remarkable life of faith, and her battle with cancer. In her second book, a five-session Bible study, Katie shows how anyone can navigate the storms of life: set an anchor firmly in your heart—Jesus Christ—and begin to live and believe on the truths of God’s Word.

NEW - March 2019! Katie’s second Bible study, Jesus, Our Anchor, is now out and available on Amazon.com! Both books serve as a stand-alone studies or an accompaniment to Katie’s first book, Anchored: Walking by Faith, Living in Hope, Remembering Karina.

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Parenting for the Launch - Dennis Trittin and Arlyn Lawrence

One minute they’re playing with Legos, the next they’re asking for the car keys, and the next … they’ve graduated and are out the door! This should not be a time of anxiety; it should be a time of preparation and anticipation! In Parenting for the Launch, you’ll find innovative strategies that will help you prepare your teen to soar in adulthood.

Parenting for the Launch is designed to help parents grow in their understanding, effectiveness, and confidence in preparing their teens for a successful launch. It is filled with principles, strategies, thought-provoking questions and exercises to guide today’s parent. It also offers the invaluable perspectives and desires of employers and educators who are working with young adults-- "real world" perspectives on what our children need to thrive in adulthood.

Learn more at www.parentingforthelaunch.com

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Finding the Treasure in Christmas : A Guide to Celebrating Advent for Families With Young Children - John S. Lewis

Sometimes the holiday hustle can make us feel like those who missed the first coming of baby Jesus. What should be so central seems the thing most easily overlooked. For followers of Jesus, our intentional remembering during Advent is perhaps the most important part of getting ready for Christmas.This four-week guide to celebrating the Advent season provides families with young children (toddlers through early elementary) with daily and weekly Scripture readings, prayers, and activities. Easy to follow and full of meaningful ways to bring the real meaning of Christmas to life, your family can use it to build faith and fun holiday memories that will last a lifetime!

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Am I Loved? - Shawn Petree

We are all asking the question whether we realize it or not. Unfortunately, most of the time the answer we get from this world, our culture, and other people is “No.” This pervading sense of rejection is often the root of our greatest insecurities and most heartfelt longings.

Am I Loved? will take you on a personal journey to answer this question in the affirmative, a journey to wholeness, restored identity, and strengthened faith. Along the way you’ll discover how to:

- identify the lies you’ve been believing about yourself and replace them with the truth of what God says about you

- Strengthen your belief in God

- Grow your confidence that whatever the circumstance of your life, “he can do this!”

Learn more on Shawn’s website: www.amiloved.org

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Unshackled: A Story of Redemption - John Swanger

At the age of 18, John Swanger gained the reputation of being one of America’s most prolific armed robbers. Sentenced to serve 30 years in prison, he was set free after only four.

But a prison of the body is not the same as a prison of the heart… as Swanger relates in his second book. In a continuation of his first book Shackled: A Story of Redemption, Swanger tells the gripping tale of how he went from inmate to evangelist, from prisoner to pastor, called to set prisoners free.

Learn more on John’s website: www.johnswanger.org

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The Compelling Heart of Christ - Carrie L. Jones

Using dramatic biblical accounts, along with engaging personal stories and illustrations from the lives of contemporary women, Carrie shares her insights and experiences up close and personally. Creative biblical narratives bring the characters’ thoughts and emotions to life, providing readers with a glimpse into God’s heart and an opportunity to connect with Him emotionally. Carrie says, “Strip away all religious assumption, and take a fresh look at the loving character of Christ. You will find a loving a trustworthy Man, worthy of your devotion and trust.”

Learn more on Carrie’s website: www.compellingheart.com

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There’s No Right Way to Do the Wrong Thing - Christopher Gilbert, Ph.D.

In today’s rapidly-changing, global society, do you wonder what it means to make honest decisions or how to hold yourself and others accountable in your personal, professional, and family lives? Do you want to know how you can become:

- more authentic in your relationships?

-more transparent in your organizations?

- better able to identify the reality behind increasingly outrageous “alternative truths”?

You’ll be able to find answers to these concerns and more as Dr. Gilbert invites readers into an inspirational conversation spiced with an abundance of personal stories, humorous anecdotes and invaluable guidance about making good choices. Drawing upon decades of research and international consulting experience. There’s No Right Way to Do the Wrong Thing brings a fresh approach to personal growth and honesty that empowers a brighter future for all of us.

Learn more on Chris’ website: https://www.nobleedgeconsulting.com/

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Oxygen For Your Relationships - Stronger Families

Ready to breathe fresh air into your relationship?
The eight-session Oxygen for Your Relationships course will empower you and your spouse with proven strategies to enhance communication, build empathy, resolve conflict and rekindle your romance—right now and for years to come. You’ll gain a better understanding how your personalities impact your partnership, and how to better relate to the one you love. A few topics covered include: conflict resolution, communication,understanding our differences, 7 Keys to Incredible Sex, and the power of forgiveness.

To learn more, visit https://strongerfamilies.com/


One Will Be Left - Dawn Morris

Diabolical evil gains control, promising peace to a devastated world…

After the disappearances of the world’s Christians, hidden powers orchestrate dramatic world events. Natural disasters increase, while wars, and terrorist attacks and disease further threaten the remaining world citizens.

Evil veiled in alluring facades deceives many. What will God do? Who will stand against the malevolent evil of these days? Can anyone who trusts in the true God survive the coming onslaught?

“…this is the spirit of the antichrist, of which you have heard that it is coming, and now is already in the world.” (1 John 4:3, NASB)

Learn more on Dawn’s website: www.dawnmorris.net

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SophisTEAcation: An Anthology of Porcelain Teacup Collecting -Desiree Sitompoel

Few things evoke such a sense of culture, elegance, and sophistication as a porcelain teacup of exquisite design. In recent years, teacup collecting has enjoyed a renaissance, gaining enthusiasts from all around the world. SophisTEAcation: An Anthology of Porcelain Teacup Collecting seamlessly unites art and education, inspiring readers with exquisite photography of beautiful teacups and providing a foundational understanding of how to start and build a collection of one’s own. In its beautiful and informative pages, you’ll learn about the history of the teacup and some of the most popular brands, as well as gain a working knowledge about how to build, use, display, and care for your collection.

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One Will Be Taken - Dawn Morris

Arturo Giamo is a renowned visionary whose pioneering methodology in genetic engineering has established him as the world’s foremost expert in his field. It also puts within his grasp the realization of his life’s dream: to design children who are not just intelligent beyond imagination, but capable of leading mankind into the next level of evolutionary development, to solve the gravest problems in the world— and usher in an age of lasting unity, peace, and prosperity.

With the birth of his son, Luca Ramono Giamo, Arturo attains his greatest personal triumph and the crowning achievement for Giamo Infertility Associates— the “miraculous birth” of the perfect child, his own son. As Luca matures, his fawning mentor, Billings Mason, rises to the world renown as a man of faith, able to perform extraordinary miracles. After the mysterious disappearance of the world’s Christian's, Mason is named as the new page of the Catholic Church. As the miracle-working pontiff draws the world into a unified faith system, Luca’s power is consolidated governmentally, positioning both men as key leaders int the new world scene.

Global cries multiply and natural disasters are unleashed on the earth, while Israel’s enemies mas on her boarders. As evil gains dominion throughout the world, what will God do? What will become of his people? Can faith endure in such times?

Be sure to check out the prequel to One Will Be Taken, One Will Be Left, also produced by Inspira.

Learn more on Dawn’s website: www.dawnmorris.net

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Facing the Blitz - Jeff Kemp

In football, a “blitz” is an all-out attack. Defenses use them to force the quarterback into a mistake and create mayhem and destruction. But by its nature the blitz also creates an opportunity for the quarterback and his team. What looks like the worst play can become the best.

During a life “blitz,” when everything seems like it’s collapsing–financially, relationally, spiritually, or physically–if you take initiative you can do more than just survive. You can grow, succeed, and advance. In Facing the Blitz, Jeff Kemp shares lessons he’s learned through all kinds of life blitzes, both personal and professional. Readers will discover how triumph is about transformation and being others-oriented; having the right mind-set can turn unnecessary fear and misery into courage and joy.

Learn more on Jeff’s website: www.facingtheblitz.com

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The Doctor Won’t See You Now - Scott Costin

A powerful tidal wave began to form almost 20 years ago when physicians and their employers began implementing policies to significantly reduce or eliminate communication between biopharma representatives and health care providers. At the same time, pharmaceutical and biologics employers were asking their field force to meet, connect with, and support health care providers whose patients might benefit from their therapies.

It was the perfect storm.

Since the genesis of this wave, impediments and limitations to access by health care delivery entities have increased unabated. Consequently, it appears the doors to health care customers are, for all intensive purposes, closed to biopharmaceutical representatives.

Or are they?

“. . .an unvarnished look at the challenges, roadblocks, risks, and rewards of a career in biopharma and, most importantly, the coaching and examples needed to be successful.” ~Kevin Madden, US Sales Manager, InHealth Technologies

Learn more on Scott’s website: www.thedoctorwontseeyounow.com

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Listen and Lead: The Micro Skills of a Leader - Richard P. Himmer

The critical factor in determining your success has little to do with your IQ, education, or technical skills. It lies in your ability to excel in interpersonal relationships.

Authentic leadership is the ability to provide direction, hold boundaries, delegate thinking, and positively influence others without positional authority. That means anyone can become an effective leader by practicing the skills found in this book.

In Listen and Lead: The Micro Skills of a Leader, you’ll learn valuable, universal truths about communication that will transform your relationships at work and in every area of your life.

To learn more, visit www.richardhimmer.com

What I Wish I Knew at 18 - Dennis Trittin

What I Wish I Knew at 18 is an engaging, comprehensive, and conversational book written to help young adults achieve success in life. It provides practical, road-tested wisdom in essential life arenas as life perspective, character, relationships and communication, spiritual life, handling adversity, personal productivity, college academics, career selection and advancement, love and marriage, and managing finances. Through illustration, instruction, and reflective questions, the book reveals 109 success pointers that auger a soaring launch into adulthood. Unique in scope, universal in its message, and timely in its wisdom, What I Wish I Knew at 18 is designed to serve as an invaluable life coach.

Learn more at www.dennistrittin.com


Pulse: Understanding the Vital Signs of Your Business - Frank Coker

Get practical insight into vital signs derived from your business data. Using trend analysis and predictive analytics, you can build a healthier business.

Author Frank Coker offers the unique perspective of serving as both a faculty business professor at the University of Washington iSchool and CEO of Corelytics (a financial software company). Under his leadership, Corelytics has been recognized as a Top 25 Emerging Vendor and won Intuit’s Grand Prize App of the Year. In Pulse, “Professor Frank’s” easygoing informative style makes easily understandable the important concepts that need to be mastered by business leaders and entrepreneurs who are not experts in financial analytics, and who want to build teams that have a clear picture of where they are headed.

With over 30 expert contributors, Pulse covers an array of topics ranging from Effective Analysis and what your numbers are telling you, Diagnosis, Symptoms vs. Problems, Metrics that Matter Most, Strategic Cash Management, and Activating Your Team. This book is a great practical guide to running a healthy business.

For more information about Pulse or about Corelytics, visit www.corelytics.com